TTK Healthcare TPA Private Limited

Established in 2002, TTK is a licensed third-party healthcare administrator (TPA) headquartered in Bengaluru, administering health insurance policies.

True North partnered with TTK in December 2004 during which it was rated amongst the top three TPAs in India. It was performing multiple activities like enrolment, pre-authorization, claims processing and adjudication, and finance for health insurance companies. The work was based on a distributed model to maintain high quality standards and quick response time to beneficiaries.

The partnership immediately boosted quantitative growth and TTK established itself in seven new locations over the next two years. True North helped TTK focus on processes and ensured migration of back-end processes to new centralized delivery architecture. It also supported building a new IT platform with significant analytical capabilities, which enabled the company to predict claim ratios with a significantly higher degree of accuracy than other competitors in India.

Due to a combination of its strong market position, quality management, and unique analytical capabilities, there was significant acquisition interest from strategic global players. In February 2007, when TTK sold its business to Swiss Re- a global leader in re-insurance, True North too divested its stake to the international giant.

Founder :- Girish Rao