Radio City 91.1 FM

Radio City 91.1 FM was set up in 2001 as India's first 24-hour private FM station by Music Broadcast (MBPL) in Bengaluru. By 2005, it spread to four cities i.e. Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, and Lucknow. It was well poised to take advantage of the new license regime that was shortly expected.

True North acquired a majority stake in the promoter company in 2005 and helped in acquiring 16 additional licenses, building a strong management team, excellent sales teams and processes as well as introducing new programming and marketing initiatives.

Today MBPL’s Radio City 91.1 FM is a leading FM radio brand present in 22 cities across India. It is known for its state-of-the-art digital stereo FM, innovative programming, and a team of vivacious radio jockeys and experienced professionals. It has expanded into live online radio broadcasting with and Radio City Connect, which offers a wide variety of on-ground activities that provide innovative, efficient, and cost effective advertising solutions to clients.

MBPL has a 28% market share and ranked as the “Best Employer” in media industry for successive “Best Places to Work” surveys. In June 2015, True North completed the transaction to sell Radio City to Jagran- a leading Indian media house.

CEO :- Apurva Purohit