Investment Strategy

True North aims to be a ‘business partner’, going beyond infusing capital to bring in entrepreneurship, high quality teams, best practices and systems.
True North adopts a ‘Buy and Build' or an ‘Invest and Build' model. In the former, True North, as a majority stakeholder, drives the business and creates a three-way partnership to leverage strengths of the founders, the new management team and True North. In the latter, True North plays the role of a supportive minority partner and fully supports existing entrepreneurs or management teams. This role is defined ahead of the investment.

Each business benefits by gaining access to True North’s highly skilled and experienced business management team, specialised processes and systems, and a vast network of competent and committed industry experts that have been developed over the years. True North also helps identify inorganic acquisition targets and most importantly, enables individual businesses to attract top CXO talent.

Across sectors, expertise and knowledge remain the most valuable tools.

True North is sector-agnostic, but has built particular expertise in consumer, financial services and healthcare services. We invest in India centric private businesses but are open to listed entities and cross-border opportunities. Preferred investments are in the range between US$ 50 and 100 million. In certain situations, this investment can increase to up to US$ 300 million.

True North does not invest in start-ups, early stage businesses, real-estate, core infrastructure, commodities and the ‘sin’ industries.

Do you want to Partner with us?

Entrepreneurs / Founders:

If you have been able to successfully build a mid-sized profitable enterprise, and are now looking to scale and professionalize the business to take advantage of existing opportunities, True North can be the ideal partner. We are willing to bring in capital, the right high quality talent, and assist with our deep operating experience to help you realize your ambition.


If you are a senior management professional with a couple of decades of experience, and wish to now get close to entrepreneurship and use your talent to scale an existing mid-size business, True North will partner with you to identify opportunities and provide necessary resources.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please reach out to us at: