Partnerships have been a key to True North’s approach. Since inception, the Firm has had the privilege to partner with a diverse set of highly successful entrepreneurs and professionals.


Individuals with a vision to build businesses which considerably impact the society, who have partnered with True North to institutionalize their businesses and make them perpetual

A. Mahendran A. Mahendran Founder, HiCare
Ajay Mariwala Ajay Mariwala Founder, VKL Seasoning
Anil Choudhary Anil Choudhary Founder CEO
Dr. Azad Moopen Dr. Azad Moopen Founder, DM Healthcare
Dr. Balaji Nukal Dr. Balaji Nukal Founder, SeedWorks
C V Subba Rao C V Subba Rao Co-Founder, Robo Silicon
G Dasaratha Reddy G Dasaratha Reddy Co-Founder, FFSL – IFAPL
Girish Rao Girish Rao Founder, TTK Healthcare
Dr GSK Velu Dr GSK Velu Founder, Trivitron Healthcare
K Anjaneyulu K Anjaneyulu Founder, Trinethra Retail
Kirit Gala Kirit Gala Founder, Gala Precision Engineering
Kris Kshetry Kris Kshetry Founder, UEM Group
Neeraj Bhargava Neeraj Bhargava Founder, Group FMG
Neeraj Gupta Neeraj Gupta Founder, Meru
N Jehangir N Jehangir Founder, SFO Technologies
Dr N Krishna Reddy Dr N Krishna Reddy Founder, Care Hospitals
Omi Bagadiya Omi Bagadiya Founder, Inlogistics
Dr R Kishore Kumar Dr R Kishore Kumar Founding Chairman,
Rohit M A Rohit M A Co-Founder and MD
Dr Ranjan Pai Dr Ranjan Pai Founder, Manipal Hospitals
Sameer Nanavati Sameer Nanavati Co-Founder, Disha Microfin – FINCARE
Sanjay Chamria Sanjay Chamria Co-Founder – Magma Fincorp
Shravan Shroff Shravan Shroff Founder, Shringar Films
Sunder Raju Sunder Raju Founder, ACT
Tapaas Chakravarti Tapaas Chakravarti Founder, DQ Entertainment
Vijay K Kosaraju Vijay K Kosaraju Co-Founder, Robo Silicon