SeedWorks is in the business of developing and selling hybrid seeds. Currently it is a leading player in the hybrid rice business and a fast-growing emerging player in the hybrid cotton business. SeedWorks is headquartered out of Hyderabad and Telangana. It has a subsidiary in Singapore, Straits Seeds Pte, which houses a high throughput bio-technology laboratory that enables its R&D program. SeedWorks also has a strong market presence in some key markets of South East Asia, where it operates through SeedWorks Philippines Inc. The Company was founded by Dr Balaji Nukal and has a dynamic management team. SeedWorks sells its products under the ‘US Agriseeds’ name which is a trusted and recognized brand in the industry.

True North acquired controlled interest in the Company in July 2016 and partnered with the founder and the existing management team. The agri-inputs space has been area of interest for True North. True North believes that the Company’s strong R&D focus will enable it to grow faster than the market as well as diversify into other crops. True North also believes SeedWorks can leverage its product portfolio and brand to expand into newer market segments, both in India and South East Asia.

Through this partnership, True North intends to support SeedWorks market/product expansion program, embellish the existing management team with a few additions to the senior management team, and invest in diversifying into additional crops. True North will also actively support the team in spearheading the Company Technology & Digital Initiatives.

Founder :- Dr. Balaji Nukal