Robo Silicon

Robo Silicon was incorporated in 1999 and commenced operations in 2001. Headquartered in Hyderabad where it had a crushing plant and quarry, the company was the first in India to introduce the concept of supplying manufactured sand to the construction industry, and was certified by National Council for Cement and Building Materials (NCCBM) in 2001. This was not only a substitute to the fast depleting natural resource - river sand, but also a viable, cost-effective and eco-friendly product. By 2005-06, two more plants were established in Bengaluru and Pune and the company had 5 quarries. Its brand name ‘Robosand’ developed to a level where it was frequently used as a generic name for the product.

True North acquired a stake in the company in 2008. In addition to the potential it held as an industry leader in a fast-growing, yet fragmented industry, True North also saw benefit from the potential synergies between RDC and Robo Silicon.

With help from True North, Robo Silicon built a strong management team, put in place Vision, Mission and Values statements, streamlined its MIS and related processes and evolved a relevant sales strategy. In two years the manufacturing footprint was also expanded to Hyderabad, Vijaywada, Navi Mumbai, Jamnagar, Mangalore, Davangere and Coimbatore. The company also encouraged use of state-of-the-art mining technologies & processes, in line with global standards for safety and protection of the environment.

Currently, Robo Silicon is the largest organized player in the stone aggregates industry in India.

Co-Founder :- Subba Rao
Co-Founder :- Vijay Kosaraju
CEO :- Sumnesh Khandelwal