RDC Concrete

Set up in 1993 by Unitech Constructions Ltd and RDC Concrete Singapore, the company pioneered the concept of Readymix Concrete in India. Later, RDC Singapore acquired majority stake and developed it into the fifth largest RMC player and the second largest stand-alone player in the country. By 2005 it had five RMC plants and one paver block plant, with operations in North India.

True North acquired a 100% stake in RDC Concrete (India) Pvt. Limited in 2005. It immediately helped to strengthen the senior management team and establish regional teams as part of the re-structured business model to provide high quality service at very competitive prices. Systems were implemented to standardize plant operations, upgrade existing plants to meet international safety and environment standards, and establish plant level profitability through volume increase and cost control. True North also introduced a focus on managing credit risk.

Today, RDC is the largest standalone ready mixed concrete company in India with 20 state-of-the-art RMC plants across the country. An emphasis on quality and innovation has enabled it to build a client base that includes some of the most respected names from the Indian building and construction sector. Besides excellent customer service and cost leadership, RDC also has a superior track-record in safety and environmental consciousness.

Managing Director and CEO :- Anil Banchhor