Formed in September 2010, FINCARE is a central management company that aims to build a portfolio of businesses focused on providing bottom of pyramid financing.

It was set up in the fast emerging sector, that works with the large un-banked but creditworthy population among lower and middle income groups, in rural areas and migrant populations in urban areas, through microfinance and other systems.

FINCARE / True North saw potential in a sector that has penetration levels of < 5% in several states, and also realized that high quality multi-location Micro Finance Institutions (MFI) could become a valuable distribution network for cross-selling multiple products.

The FINCARE team manages critical functions centrally and recruits best-in- class talent for its partner MFIs. Currently, FINCARE/ True North have acquired stakes in two
MFIs – Future Financial Services Ltd. (FFSL) in South India and Disha Microfin (Disha) in Gujarat. In 2015, FINCARE was awarded the Small Finance Bank license by the Reserve Bank of India.

Co-Founder :- G Dasaratha Reddy
Co-Founder :- Sameer Nanavati
CEO :- Rajeev Yadav / /