DM Healthcare

Dr Moopen’s Group, which was launched by Dr Azad Moopen in Dubai 1987, has rapidly developed into a provider of high-quality healthcare services through a vast network across the GCC and Kerala. When True North invested in this 20-year-old company in December 2007, it already had 14 clinics, 19 pharmacies, two diagnostic centres, and two hospitals in GCC along with one large hospital i.e. the Malabar Institute of Medical Sciences in Kerala, India.

True North shared the vision of Dr Moopen to build a high quality, ethical healthcare network in India and to add primary care networks in the Middle East. It helped in setting up an enthusiastic management team in India, defined the growth strategy for Indian expansion, and led the inorganic growth in the country. True North also helped streamline the MIS along with similar processes, and offered a helping hand in implementing a Hospital Information System.

The DMG network currently consists of 120+ establishments that provide primary, secondary, and tertiary healthcare with management and consultancy services. Expansion plans for the GCC and India aim at setting up 300+ establishments that will be consolidated under a single brand named ASTER.

Founder :- Dr Azad Moopen