Capital Funding

We encourage sensitivity to the environment and the communities we live in, and this defines and guides all True North companies.

True North has also partnered with leading NGOs as part of its Responsible Citizenship initiatives.

A major program has been the engagement with Give India, a not-for-profit body set up to help channelize and increase the flow of funds from HNI donors in India and abroad to developmental activity in the country.

True North worked closely with Give India, and an exclusive First Givers Club set up by it (comprising members with an intent to annually give a minimum of Rs 500,000 and 40 hours of time to ANY cause of THEIR choice) to identify three deserving NGOs with scalable & sustainable approaches that were seeking support. It also provided periodic monitoring and facilitation for continued engagement.

This was a structured process over 18 months which included researching 100+ NGOs, shortlisting 40 working in Education, Health & Governance, facilitating visits/meeting with final list of 8 NGOs and doing due diligence & drafting an MOU with three that were finally selected – Foundation for Excellence (FFE), Parliamentary Research Services (PRS) & Agastya.