At True North, we follow a long term approach to business, and that applies to your career path as well. By providing a professional environment, we enable you to perform at full potential. We ensure that none of our people lack for resources. In this way, we aid you in creating admired businesses through your own ingenuity, enterprise, and skill. As our organisational growth continues, so do the opportunities that arise with it.

What we look for in our team members is an alignment with True North philosophy of doing things the he Right Way, an entrepreneurial spirit, a high degree of passion and an ability to deal with ambiguity. Why ‘The Right Way’ is also the right career path for you.


We have found that achievers have something in common – they seek to make a difference. At True North, you will be a key contributor in creating something enduring not just for you, but also for the community at large. Your responsibilities as a leader would be not just growing the business but also creating a values based, innovative institution. This would be your chance to work in one of the many companies we have chosen to nurture and grow, thereby creating wealth for all the stakeholders including you.


We are a set of passionate people with strong values. Our cornerstone is excellence, which is why it’s a place where people are empowered to be innovative. We believe that the journey in creating world class businesses is as important as the end goal. And we walk that journey together.

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